Sing your favourite songs with an experienced and friendly teacher in the heart of London and online via Zoom/Skype. 

Learn the basics of singing and become a confident and original singer in no time. 

Why not aim for an open mic performance or a professional studio recording?

All contemporary vocal techniques are covered:

     *  Correct breathing

     *  Stretch your vocal range

     *  Sing with confidence and style

     *  Bring your own interpretation to songs

     *  Learn how to warm up correctly

     *  Intonation (singing in tune)

     *  Sing with live piano accompaniment and specialist attention


Stuck at home and want to sing? Online singing lessons gives you the opportunity to explore your voice and sing your favourite songs without having to leave your house. 

Within a few sessions you will:

     *  Learn to breathe correctly

     *  Understand how your voice works

     *  Stretch your vocal range and sing with more strength and power

     *  Add personality and style to songs

Online lessons are conducted via Zoom or Skype. You will be given backing tracks for the songs you wish to work on, which makes it easy to practise in between lessons. 

Get in touch to book a free taster session: or call 07554432949


I am a passionate vocal coach and vocalist.

With over a decade of experience in music ranging from pop, jazz, soul, r&b and musical theatre I have a detailed insight into and understanding of contemporary vocals.

Having studied both classical and modern vocals I know how important it is to find a teacher who is honest about the difference between the two methods and who understands exactly what is required of the individual who wants to explore contemporary music and singing in terms of sound and technique.

I have been running leading contemporary vocal courses for over a decade for Londoners and visiting students from aboard. I am passionate about vocal training for the adult amateur to the aspiring professional.

I am teaching people from all walks of life, from complete beginners to professional and established singers. 

The philosophy of the lessons however is the same for everyone; to develop unique singers who are confident in their style of singing and knows how to use their voice to its full potential. I play the piano and always accompany my students in lessons. 

I teach from the lovely Music Studios on Marylebone Lane and online via Zoom or Skype. 

Ida Griffiths 

Email to arrange your first lesson